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Coworking for Real Estate Agents

How Real Estate Agents Can Use Coworking

Coworking is when independently employed professionals work in the same space. While they don’t belong to a single organization, they do have a lot in common. Moreover, they share similar values when it comes to their line of work. 

Coworking is gaining momentum as a better way for some industry professionals to work. Although attitudes towards working spaces are much more positive nowadays, there is still some stigma surrounding the combination of an office and comfort-of-your-own-home environment. Fortunately, real estate agents are joining more coworking spaces. They consider it a much better alternative than paying for their own office.

Here are some of the ways you can use a coworking space for your real estate business.

Meet Clients

For starters, a coworking space serves as the perfect office for you to meet clients. You can use the space to discuss a new place or simply continue with previous agreements. Instead of paying for an entire office, you can share coworking space with other real estate agents. Keep a divided room separately to meet with clients. Even though real estate agents don’t spend a lot of time at their own offices, they still need a physical location to improve their validity with clients. A coworking space can do just that.

Get Real-Time Lessons

Aside from having a much more productive work environment where everyone encourages each other to do their best, you also get an insight into the problems and cases of other real estate agents and professionals. This exposure gives you a well-rounded picture of the current market, something you wouldn’t get to see from a private office.

Refer Each Other

When you’re working in the same space with different professionals, they have you on their list of people that they can refer to others, including clients. This gives you an opportunity to reach out to more potential clients and help others do the same.

Benefits of Coworking in Real Estate

Now that we’ve given you a gist of how you can use coworking spaces as a real agent, let’s look at the benefit of joining them.

Improved Productivity

As a real estate, you’ve commonly come across the problem of working at home, surrounded by distractions like a comfortable bed, the sound of the TV and the neighbor’s dog barking at a squirrel. In these cases, you would’ve done anything to be in a calm and peaceful office. However, not every real estate agent can afford their own space.

Luckily, coworking is the solution you need to improve productivity. You can complete more work over the course of a day. While it does offer a quiet environment for you to speak to clients, you can still avoid the overly formal vibes that come from a traditional corporate setting.

Our coworking spaces are set up and designed so you have everything you need i.e. office supplies, infinite coffee, internet access. At the same time, you are surrounded by a constant source of motivation and encouragement to be productive – coworkers.

A Professional Meeting Space

In this day and age, independent agents have the option of working from home. However, the option loses its charm pretty soon because of how their work emphasizes meetings with clients. Joining a coworking space with other workers means you can conduct meetings in an office environment without paying for the price of one.

This is much affordable than the expensive offices on the market, and it improves your reputation among the clientele. Nowadays, homebuyers and sellers look for a reliable real estate agent’s services without having to pay a hefty commission. You can provide just this by operating and conducting meetings with them at a coworking space.

Tap Your CoWorkers’ Talents

One of the greatest benefits of coworking is that you and your coworkers get a chance to create a productive community that creates new ideas. Although you’ll be working solo through most of the year, you can collaborate with coworkers to hold events and increase awareness among potential clients.

In addition, your coworkers can help by providing proper expertise relating to their field, when you need it. When you’re coworking with different kinds of people, you can create a productive synergy that comes from a multidisciplinary group. For instance, you may be working in the same space as a real estate lawyer, or any other professional whose expertise or services you may require.


When you work with a group of unrelated people, you all have access to each other’s clients and customers. Most professionals who choose to cowork see this advantage; so when you find yourself in a room with some well-known entrepreneurs and solo agents, the prospect of a good opportunity is no joke.

Ideally, most coworkers agree to hold events at their space where they call clients to attend. These events, be it an auction, seminar or just a fun social event, are a great excuse to network with the people in attendance and generate referrals.

In a good way, you become a part of a bigger community that gives you access to other people and allows other members to access your services. Nevertheless, just like the first day of school, you need to build a reputation as a friendly coworker and dedicated professional. This puts you at the top of everyone’s list and makes them say ‘Hey, I know just the guy who can do this”.

Achieve Better Balance

We won’t remind of the nightmare that’s called ‘working from home’ because it’s not pretty; you’re never able to enjoy work or the time spent with your family because both are somehow always intertwined. When you start coworking, you’ll achieve that desired balance between focusing at work and relaxing at home.

Real estate agents from all around are seeing the benefit of coworking from a shared space. They can make more out of working with professionals from other fields. They’ve seen the effect that it has on their work. They can say that their careers have taken a turn for the better. So, when will you make the switch and get a membership?