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Coworking for Remote Professionals

How Remote Professionals Can Benefit From Coworking

Working remotely has many benefits, the biggest one being how you can design your own workday without aligning with specific time barriers like the ones you face in traditional office settings.

Professionals are embracing the idea of working remotely and away from the main headquarters. They believe that they don’t need an office to work efficiently. However, if you’re still in that bubble of hope that working remotely from home is more productive, you’re about to wake up to a harsh reality.

Working Remotely

Some remote workers make a trip to the office on certain days while others work from home throughout the week, except for certain days. Being at home can subject your mind to its own distractions but you don’t want to go to the office either, so what’s a worker to do? Let’s talk about coworking spaces.

The Motivation to Work

We hate to say this, but working at the office provides you with a benefit. You and your peers have more motivation to work. However, it’s nothing that a good coworking space can’t fix. With a coworking space, you get a bigger space but minimal restrictions. Hence, you get all the good stuff about working in an office and none of the bad.

When you’re working with coworkers from different professions, you get a much more dynamic atmosphere. Hence, you will find the inspiration to do your best every day. When people who love and enjoy their work surround you, and they make an active effort to work efficiently, it will boost your motivation levels. 

Improved Mental Health and Well-Being

Working at home can be a bore for some people, but for others, it can be a dramatic shift from the somewhat conversational environment of the office. Working in solitude and being unsocial can negatively affect your mental health and lead to higher risks of getting distracted and unfulfilled from work.

Operating from a coworking space brings about a positive change in remote employees because it better helps them maintain a balance between their professional and social lives. Not to mention, the community-based environment of a coworking space can initiate stronger bonds and friendships, which are a great factor in determining job satisfaction. Not to mention, a manager won’t constantly supervise you because everyone around you will be independent or remote workers.

Reduced Costs

A major reason why large companies are considering the option of remote workers is the cost of operating and real estate. Various expenses come with housing employees within the company building so coworking spaces are a much more viable alternative. But that doesn’t mean that your company is the only one benefitting from you working remotely.  

When you opt for coworking spaces that are in a popular district near your home, you save more money on traveling and food costs. For starters, you don’t need to be ‘on time’ so you can use public transport to reach your coworking space, instead of calling a cab, which is expensive. Moreover, you won’t have to order food at work when you have the time to prepare your meals at home.

Get All the Perks of an Office

The office has a lot of perks that you get used to so when you finally start working remotely, it takes a while to get used to the fact that you don’t have all those things around. On the other hand, a coworking space has everything you need to have a productive workday.

They’ll be fitted with bathrooms, have a kitchen so you can bring snacks from home. Let’s not forget that there will be plenty of coffee, internet access, stationery, and a printer. Although it sounds like a lot that you would need to pay for, it’s actually cheap considering that you have to split the costs with your coworkers.

You Learn More

Another advantage of completing your daily work tasks from a coworking space is that it helps you learn new things. These aren’t just things you’re missing out from not going to the office, but knowledge about different industries that you would have otherwise never known. As a remote worker, you’re lucky that the company doesn’t need you at the main office building all the time because then you’d be holed up on a single department floor from 9 to 5 every day.

When you’re at a coworking space, you have the opportunity to be surrounded by professionals from different fields and industries. Your coworkers can give you valuable insight into their line of work, and in today’s world of intermingled industry, no knowledge goes to waste. It can also happen that you share the space with experienced professionals who can give you advice on tough tasks and be supportive.

No More Distractions

This applies to everyone, not just remote workers, but the impact of such a benefit is so immense that we can’t help but remind you. As a remote worker, you’ve probably worked from home on a couple of days yourself. You still break out in a cold sweat over the thought of your 2-hour long ‘lunch breaks’ and endless procrastination that made you work late into the night as your boss continuously emailed you, asking about the day’s assignments.

Fortunately, a coworking space retains that element of formality that makes you want to get out of bed and change out of your pajamas. As a result, you spend the day far more productively than you would at home.

Coworking spaces are revolutionizing numerous industries, not just the ones that cater to independent workers. Remote workers and their respective companies benefit a great deal from what a coworking space has to offer, professionally and socially. So, are you still okay with working from home? If not, then what are you waiting for? Join a coworking space near you today!